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The green packaging producer relies on BIM in product development

Ecopulp is the domestic trendsetter in ecological packaging in Finland

Kouvola-based Ecopulp Finland Oy has been manufacturing ecological packaging for over a decade. The raw material used is fully biodegradable and recyclable domestic waste paper.

Ari Henttonen, CEO of Ecopulp, looks at the development of the packaging industry with satisfaction, as the lead over competitors is significant. They have been developing moulded fibre technology for over ten years.

– Among other things, the moulded fibre technology used in the manufacture of egg boxes is a hundred-year-old invention. We are the only company in the Nordics that utilizes this technology in technical packaging.

BIM has acted as an additional driver in the development work, thus helping Ecopulp to improve its process hygiene, drainability, dry and wet strength and water resistance. As a result of the cooperation, flame retardant, release chemistry and special coatings have also been developed for demanding applications.

– The cooperation that started more than a decade ago has worked well. When problems and challenges arise, calling BIM guarantees that a professional mapping of the solution starts immediately, praises Henttonen.

Ari Henttonen, CEO of Ecopulp

Recycling top products

The manufacturing chain of Ecopulp’s products is completely domestic. The trees are felled in Finland, and paper manufacturing, product design and paper fiber recycling are also domestic. Paper fiber can be recycled seven times, and even after that it can be used as a source of energy.

– Our strength is that the moulds used in production are designed in-house. By doing this, it is possible to produce packaging that is very challenging in shape, says Henttonen.

– Fiber castings are suitable for the packaging of almost all products, from eggs to household appliances. With the packaging we produce, the company can do its part in sustainability actions by replacing non-ecological plastic packaging, he adds.

The packages are stackable nested inside each other, which saves space in logistics. In addition, the packaging work can be easily automated, as the packaging is immediately ready for use. Henttonen has noted that in recent years, more and more companies have discovered the advantages of Ecopulp’s packaging.

– The popularity has grown significantly, which requires us to continuously invest in development work. In this work, we are helped by BIM, which in its field is also at the forefront of development, Henttonen states.

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