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Moulded Fibre

Green packaging for a sustainable future

Human needs often replicate those in the natural world. In the same way as nests are shaped for a specific purpose, recycled paperboard and/or newsprint can be moulded into different types of protective packaging depending on its purpose.

BIM can support you with the expertise and chemical solutions needed to produce cost-efficient and sustainable multipurpose packaging with excellent properties tailored for your specific needs. Whether you make rough or smooth moulded packaging, use air dried or thermoformed machines, with BIM at your side you will have access to expertise from raw material to finished product.


Sustainable, high performance moulded fibre products

In recent years, sustainable packaging and the demand to replace plastics has been growing steadily. Moulded fibre products can be used as a substitute to plastic-based products due to their sustainable profile as natural fibres are renewable, biodegradable and compostable.

Here, green chemistry plays a key role to achieve the properties of the final products according to consumer demands. Whatever the end use, we can add value and quality to your product.

Through our expertise and comprehensive range of chemicals, we can help support you to overcome current challenges and help improve the properties of the final product. Whether you are striving to achieve strength and shock-absorption properties or improve barrier properties such as water-, oil- and grease repellents.

We help you control costs and keep efficiency high

To be competitive against other materials, it’s of utmost importance to keep costs low and maintain machine availability and runnability, whilst achieving the functional properties of the product. This is a challenge, and your challenges are our mission!

BIM has an extensive experience of process hygiene and cleanliness, deaeration and dewatering, surface release to mention a few. The BIM Way of Working secures a complete mapping of your production process, bottlenecks and cost saving potentials to provide a chemical solution tailored for your needs.