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Freight and energy surcharge due to the global prevailing situation

I am sure it has already come to your attention that freight and energy costs have rapidly and continuously increased as an effect of the horrifying events in Ukraine on top of the overall inflation that was already having an impact. BIM Kemi is of course affected as everyone else and we are faced with increased freight surcharges from our transport companies on all deliveries as well as increasing energy costs.

We have tried to absorb the additional costs the past months but due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in with the high freight surcharges and energy costs being reviewed constantly, we have very little control over the level these will reach and therefore we have no option but to pass these on to our customers. The surcharge for freight and energy will vary between 5-15 % depending on the actual situation, effective immediately with regular review.

We hope that the situation will get resolved soon and that freight and energy costs will drop to normal levels, but in the meantime, we thank you for your continued understanding and support during this difficult time.

For further information, please contact Anders Rietz, CEO, BIM Kemi AB, e-mail

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