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BIM Kemi GmbH celebrating 25 years in business!

BIM Kemi is proud to celebrate 25 years in business as a partner and supplier to the Pulp & Paper industry in Germany and neighboring markets.

BIM Kemi GmbH was started in 1993, as part of BIM’s growth strategy to transform from one company to a BIM Group. Since the start the company has grown and become of strategic importance for our business in central Europe.

“We have a terrific team doing a great job in Germany. Strategically it is of great importance for the BIM Group to be present in the center of Europe and we see big possibilities to expand our business further over the coming years” Anders Rietz CEO.

BIM Kemi thanks our loyal employees, our loyal customers, and our future customers to BIM Kemi GmbH.

Cheers to 25 years and looking forward to the next 25 more!

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