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PRESS RELEASE: FUNKYPACK, a new BioInnovation initiative to develop chemical barrier solutions for high-performance dry formed fibre-based packaging has started

The FunkyPack project, which stands for FUnctional and Novel biobased solutions for KeY barriers in PACKaging, aims to explore and develop three promising chemical solutions for high-performance dry formed fibre-based packaging. It represents an exciting opportunity for the Swedish industrial sector to take a prominent role in the development of sustainable packaging solutions.

November 20, 2023 – The packaging industry, a cornerstone of modern commerce, has always played a crucial role in protecting and presenting products. However, the conventional reliance on fossil-based materials in packaging has taken a staggering toll on the environment in the last decades marked by excessive waste generation, resource depletion, and heightened carbon emissions.

“Reducing our dependence on finite fossil fuels and using bio-based materials instead will minimize the ecological footprint associated with packaging production,” says Anna Altner, Founder and Head of Strategy & IR, Yangi. “By focusing on developing bio-based barrier chemistry, there is a potential to compete with traditional plastics in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance,” she continues.

The FunkyPack project brings together various actors in the packaging value chain where each plays a strategic role in driving the transition towards a bio-based and circular economy. The partner consortium includes manufacturers of functional chemistry including BIM Kemi and Bioextrax; pioneers of dry forming packaging technology, Yangi™; packaging producers and is supported by academic institutions. By harnessing the expertise and resources of emerging innovators and seasoned companies, this project seeks to accelerate the scaling and refinement of solutions, ensuring their successful transformation into viable market-ready offerings.

The project scope will include three chemistry platforms based on different bio-based raw materials, to achieve a 100% bio-based chemistry and packaging solution. The application system for each chemical solution will be carefully designed to accommodate different formulation properties and then integrated into the dry forming process to achieve necessary properties in an energy and material-efficient way.

“Developing sustainable solutions for our customers within the pulp and paper industry has been our mission since the start of the company”, says Heino Kuusk, R&D Director, BIM Kemi. “For more than 40 years, we have successfully introduced new sustainable concepts for the packaging segment including moulded fibre applications. It is encouraging that the focus to replace plastics and PFAS finally is on everyone’s agenda. We are excited to participate in this project and to contribute to the successful introduction of sustainable barriers for the dry forming process, “ he continues.

The FunkyPack project is a BioInnovation initiative financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas as well as other participating stakeholders. The total budget for the project equates to 8,2 MSEK of which 3,9 MSEK is funded by BioInnovation and 4,2 MSEK through in-kind services by the participating partners. The project will run for 2.5 years, and the results are expected to be shared in April 2025.


About YangiTM AB
Yangi is a global sustainable packaging solutions company that develops fibre-based technologies and materials by unlocking the packaging value chain through partnerships. They are reshaping the world of packaging with their revolutionary manufacturing technology and next-generation fibre-based solutions. Building on decades of innovation from several R&D projects, some of them originating from the mid-90s, Yangi seized the opportunity to secure the technology and continue building on years of knowledge. With a team of 40+ talented individuals, hundreds of collaborations within the packaging value chain, and several machine iterations, Yangi perfected the technology and simplified the transition to dry forming for brands and packaging producers. Yangi is your pioneering and innovative partner in dry forming technology and an established partner in sustainable packaging. To learn more, visit

About BIM Kemi
BIM Kemi is a family-owned entrepreneurial company that has been developing and producing specialty chemicals for the global pulp and paper industry with a focus on sustainable solutions since 1973. Over the years, BIM Kemi has been listed four times among Europe’s top 500 rapidly growing entrepreneurial companies and received several awards for its dedication and contributions to the business world and the industry. With a global workforce of approximately 220 dedicated professionals, BIM Kemi operates across the world, with production units located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, and South Africa, and local operations in Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and France and agents and distributors in most other countries with pulp and paper manufacturing. The headquarters are located in Stenkullen, outside Gothenburg, Sweden, and house the central research and development department, customer service lab, and one of five production facilities. BIM Kemi is your dedicated partner in innovative and green chemistry solutions for the pulp and paper industry.
To learn more, visit

About Bioextrax AB
Bioextrax is a pioneering biotechnology startup based on research from the department of biotechnology at Lund University. The company offers a 100% bio-based and chemical-free technology for producing the biobased and biodegradable polymer PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) available for outlicensing. The company is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, where conducts its research and operates pilot production facilities. Beyond PHA, Bioextrax is at the forefront of developing technologies to valorize waste from the poultry industry. Learn more about the Bioextrax solutions and ongoing research at      

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