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Health & Safety

At BIM Health & Safety is a strategic top priority, regardless it is about our
employee´s work environment or our products.

We fulfill all regulatory requirements, local legislations and additional internal
guidelines and work systematically to prevent injuries and harm.

Occupational health & safety

We work in a systematic way with safety rounds, risk assessments and preventive actions.

“Everyone should always be able to go home in the same shape as when arrived”

Our goal is zero accidents and to work towards this, we monitor the safety work with a Safety Index KPI. We are convinced that continuously reporting and handling of risk observations and near misses will prevent more serious accidents from happening.

BIM is also devoted to social and organisational work environment and there are yearly employee surveys to follow up what can be improved for our employee´s well-being.

Full version of Occupational Health and Safety policy, BIM group

” We fulfill all regulatory requirements and internal chemical guidelines”

Product safety

Our approach to safe chemical products is to ensure regulatory fulfillment along the entire value chain of our chemicals – during product development, sourcing, manufacture and commercialisation. We provide extensive information to our customers on the safe handling of our products.

BIM has a Group-wide governance function Environmental and Regulatory Affairs (ERA) to ensure the safety of our products. Their tasks include registering and reporting chemicals to authorities, classifying hazardous products and communicating risks by means of safety data sheets, labels and other product safety statements.