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GDPR for our Partners

Purpose of process

We process your data in order to:

  • Maintain our contacts and network to keep our knowledge and information about you up-to-date, and to market our services and maintain the relationship with our partners.
  • Comply with accounting in relation to partners and in connection with representation activities.
  • Execute and administer the assignment and to safeguard your interests.
  • Supporting Business and organizational development, marketing, market analysis and statistics.

How we process

We collect the data and compile it on the basis of:

  • Collection of data, check it against our registers and store it in our systems for partner management and partner care.
  • Compilation and analysis of the data in our systems for partner management and partner care, type of identified relation in which we consider you to be interested, your participation in events, training and seminars.

What we process

  • The data we process about you is the data you provide to us that is of relevance for you in question, your role in the organisation you represent and in the respective matter.

Legal basis

Legitimate interest
  • In the processing detailed above we consider and weigh your interest in privacy in relation to our interest (as indicated above under “Purpose”) in performing the processing.
  • We balance these interests, considering and balance both positive and negative effects and draw the conclusion that our interest is legitimate.
Legal obligation
  • We comply with all legal obligations requiring us to process your information.

Collection and distribution

  • The data we have about you is primarily collected from you. We share the data solely with such suppliers that are needed for supporting your interest of the processing.
  • We will not provide personal data to third parties other than in cases where (i) it has been specifically agreed between us and you, (ii) when it is necessary within the framework of a particular assignment to safeguard your rights, (iii) if it is necessary to enable us to perform our statutory obligation or comply with an official decision or a decision of a court, or (iv) in the event that we engage outside service providers within Sweden to perform the assignment on our behalf such as, for example, technical functionality within the framework of the above.

Storage period

  • We store your data only for as long as we judge it to be legitimate, taking into account that indicated above regarding legal basis and purpose over a period of 7 years from the date of the partnership’s completion or do the legal requirements.