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Paper & Board

Providing value to finished paper and board quality

The movement towards sustainable development places new demands on paper and board producers, both regarding sustainability, quality and regulatory compliance. At the same time, the paper and board industry are facing increased competition and price pressure on the market – a real challenge for paper and board producers!

When the making of paper and board need to evolve, we are there to help you.

Your partner for improved quality

Increasing brightness, hydrophobation, improving surface and strength properties, gloss or smoothness, or creating digital printability – whatever the challenge, with our green chemistry approach we can provide the know-how, products and solutions required to balance the cost/quality challenge, while maintaining a strong sustainability focus.

As the sustainability focus and demand is increasing, we realise that surface properties require special expertise. Therefore, BIM has an expert team focusing only on surface solutions.

The BIM Way of Working secures a full overview of your process to tailor the suitable solution for you. Including the best chemical package for improved runnability, efficiency and process hygiene as well as equipment and dosage strategy.

We provide the know-how, solutions and service you need to prepare for the future while keeping cost under control.

Together we can improve productivity and cost efficiency