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In accordance to the spirit and the core values of BIM, all what follows is of great importance to us all to maintain: a good working environment, good business relations, ethical conduct, to do business in a long-term and sustainable way and to help our customers do the same.

We therefore have clear policies and action plans for how you, as an employee or business partner, should act if you are exposed or find undesirable behaviour or activity, including violations, discrimination or harassment. Our goal is to eliminate irregularities and misconduct.

In case of violation, discrimination or harassment, please contact your manager, your manager´s manager or HR according to BIM´s established routine regarding reporting of such matter. However, if you are aware of serious irregularities, and by that we mean actions punishable by law and potentially leading to imprisonment, all employees are obliged to act. Examples of such misconduct may be fraud, corruption, environmental violations or gross violations of company practices and policies, such as violations of fundamental rights, life and safety, as well as health risks and environmental damage.

BIM Kemi AB’s Whistleblower System enables all employees and external stakeholders to openly or anonymously report irregularities as described above. All incoming notifications will be thoroughly investigated.

If you want to expose or report something, you can do it in several different ways:

  • You can use the reporting tool. In this instance, your application remains anonymous and goes to the Chairman of the Board, who has a responsibility to investigate each case
  • Write a letter to the Chairman of the Board
  • Contact your manager, your manager´s manager, HR or in countries where applicable, your union representative

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