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Committed to sustainability   

As we present our third GRI-referenced sustainability report, we reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement and our support of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) initiatives, of which we have been members since 2018. This report covers a Communication on Progress for the year 2023 and details our ongoing efforts to integrate UNGC’s Ten Principles into our business strategy, culture, and daily operations.

– We have decreased our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from scope 1 & 2 by over 30% compared to last year and over 40% compared to 2021 (i.e., reference year). This means we are aligned with our long-term goal of 50% by 2030.

– Our energy consumption of renewable resources has increased by almost 80% compared to 2021.

– The GHG emission intensity ratio for BIM Kemi (kg CO2e/ton trade product) has decreased by over 20% compared to last year.

– Improve the basis for governance and reporting, e.g., perform a complete Scope 3 emission mapping for each production site and refine our current life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to ensure high-quality sustainability data for all our stakeholders.

– Tighten the requirements on suppliers regarding management, reporting, and measures to decrease emissions.

– Continue to take measures to replace fossil fuels and fossil raw materials and to reduce energy consumption.

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