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Advancing sustainability in fibre based food packaging with PFAS and plastic free chemical concepts

In food packaging, sustainability is crucial as we seek alternatives to traditional materials that are both environmentally friendly and functional. Fibre-based packaging, derived primarily from renewable resources, has gained prominence for its eco-friendly attributes. The versatility of paper suits various applications like fast food, frozen food, and liquid products. However, it must resist liquids, fats, and oxygen, traditionally linked with less sustainable materials. Chemistry is key to enhancing fibre-based packaging for new and more demanding end-uses, ensuring functionality, safety, and recyclability. Seeking alternative chemistries for fibre-based packaging is imperative to enhance sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of plastics and PFAS.

In the article published in PTI International, our expert explains more about PFAS and plastic free chemistry adapted to end-use requirements for a more sustainable future.

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